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Volunteer Position Openings


Merchandise Distributor

The position of merchandise distributor is a manifold position. Distributors will receive shipments of merchandise to an address of their choosing and either store and ship as necessary or store and display at a place of their choosing under contractual agreement.


The Merchandise Distributor who chooses to store and ship will receive shipments of the Livelihood craft as needed to maintain a pre-prescribed stock based on your comfort levels and may be changed at any point in time. It is your duty to maintain count of the inventory and register your email to Ina-Inakay so to fulfill orders and ship them out via local package delivery systems or post. The hours per week on this position vary based on pre-prescribed stock and ordering season, however it could be manageable within 2-4 hours weekly. 


The Merchandise Distributor who chooses to store and display may live near a local crafting market, a farmers market, have a shop to display some goods, or can donate some time towards a table at a holiday bazaar, craft show, or fair. It is your duty to maintain count of the inventory and to comply with the rules and regulations of the hosting venue. Depending on which endeavor applies to you, the weekly hours will vary, however this will provide longer stretches of stasis. 


If you are interested in being a Merchandise Distributor, please know that you will need to have a vehicle of transportation and be able to lift packages as some shipments to you may be heavier. If you would like more information on volunteering in this way, contact Ina-Inakay          . 

Volunteer Ideas



Supplies are something that are always needed and taking up collections are a great way that you can help. Whether it's a church, school, or community project, collecting monetary or goods donations is a huge help. We do suggest both, because shipping is not inexpensive and the money raised can first be put towards shipping while the rest can be donated to the organization (see the donations page). Below is a list of constantly needed supplies, while you may contact us to get more current, precise needs. 


Note: In contacting us for a needs list, if you include the age ranges of those donating, we can cater to that as well (i.e. adults can donate medical and office supplies while children can donate toys and school supplies).


  • Medicines

    • Aspirins, general cold and flu, topical ointments, Band-Aids, teething pain relievers, arthritis medication, multipurpose vitamins for all ages

  • School Supplies

    • Writing tablets and composition books, pencils and pens, fabric pencil cases, rulers, washable markers, binders, erasers

  • Office Supplies

    • Pens, pencils, dry erase and permanent markers, binders, clip boards, masking and scotch tape, three hole punch,  highlighters, file, manila and pocket folders, 8 1/2 x 11 white and colored copy paper, sorting trays, cork board,
      11 x 17  white and colored card stock 

  • Toys

    • Any items for 3-5 years and infants, no battery items will be accepted. (i.e. balls, balloons, kites, plastic animals, trucks, dolls, bubbles)

  • Hygiene Products

    • Travel sized Items of: toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, mouth  wash, face wash, lotion, tissues

    • Regular sized items of: floss, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, non-metal nail files, nail clippers

    • Baby wipes, diapers

  • Clothing

    • Ages 5 and older (few words, nothing promoting a specific business, person, or country)

    • Girls: sandals and flip flops, skirts, shorts, short sleeved shirts and dresses

    • Boys: sandals and flip flops, shorts, pants, short sleeved t-shirts and short sleeved dress shirts

  • Miscellaneous Items 

    • Reading glasses, canes, light weight baby blankets, cardboard boxes (water box size, able to be reassembled), sleeping mats/pads (i.e. yoga mats)


Note: Incase of emergency or natural disaster, please contact us for specific needs and/or nonperishable foods list.


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