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​ In the Philippines, almost three of every twenty-five people in jail are women. This is in a society where women take care of the family, where poverty is a major issue, and the average family has five children. Every bit of every resource helps. Whether it is time, money, donations, or something else entirely, your generosity will never be refused! See below for some suggestions of how you can help with the mission of the Ina- Inakay Center. 


Sponsoring a child funds their ability to not only have an education, proper nutrition and personalized exposure to the Gospel, but also helps their future, their families, and their current condition. 


Visit here to learn how to make a monetary donation towards the company. For items, see Collections under the Volunteer page.


Time and energy are valuable resources. See our volunteer page for position openings and ideas on how you can help! 

Whether you are just one person, a few, or a group of many, Inakay is ready and willing to make arrangements for you to come and help! 
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