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Sponsor A Child.


Sponsoring a Child is a personal and effective way to change the life of a young person in the Philippines that has been negatively affected by their social conditions. The children in the Inakay program face the consequences of their maternal figure's imprisonment and impoverished living conditions. 
Your sponsorship gives you a personal connection towards a student who has the rare opportunity to leave their predetermined economical statuses and trade it in for a better future as a positive community contributor. You will get to hear from them and be able to write to them, watching them grow up and transform and fulfill their passions in life. 

Each supported child will have an education furnished with school supplies, secured communication and visitation with their families and their loved one in prison, and (along with their families and loved ones) exposure to learning and fellowship in the Christian Faith. 


Primary and Secondary School Students: $35 (₱ 1565)/month 

College and Career Students: $55 (₱ 2460)/month


You can pledge to impact a child's life by                         .

Your monthly donation can be sent like a regular donation. The information is on our                              . If you would like a monthly reminder for your donation (due on the first of each month) please mention this in your email including any particulars of a specific child you wish to support. 



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