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So, You Want to Come and Visit?


Whether you are just one person, a few, or a group of many, Inakay is ready and willing to make arrangements for you to come and help! There are projects for all sizes and of all talents- from showing love to impoverished children living in the worst conditions in the Philippines to building projects in Ilo Ilo, from helping up in Tarlac with the sugar mill advancements to supporting the Livelihood program and visiting the women in prison. There is so much to do, and all help is appreciated.


We want everyone to come and help, but these are some fields where we could use the experts. If you have been part of the trade for many years or are looking for a small internship opportunity, and have a passion to volunteer and to help others, this may be the path for you! Here are some needed professions: 


-Business Manager/ Accountant- aid in the foundations of business production for the women in the village of Tarlac to self-substantiate themselves and provide a flow of income from their side of the family dynamic. Possible position duration: 1-3 weeks.


-Construction Workers- Especially a group of construction workers or a group of inexperienced workers bringing their own foremen. To continue construction on the new sugar mill building. Living on site in the provincial village of Tarlac, this could be a 1+ week project. 


-Administration- to help with miscellaneous duties of the Inakay office including but not limited to the filing and processing of information, answering and re-directing emails, updating the website, and coordinating goods to be  shipped. Living on site in Quezon City, the length of your stay is at your discretion. 


-Alternatives- If you or a group of people have a specific tallent or skill that can be used to help Inakay, please let us know. All help of all shapes and sizes is very important to us and we would love to utilize your skills. 



So where should you start? 

Start by gathering as much information as possible on your end to answer the following questions: 

1. Who is going? You don't need exact details. Just make sure you have an idea if it is a larger group as to the approximate number of people. 

2. What questions do you have for Inakay? Bring to us any questions or concerns you may have as soon as possible so we may answer them.

3. Where are you in your spirituality? We are a non-denominational organization and do not refuse help based on denomination, but be strong in your faith.

4. When would you like to come? Having a few date ranges is a benefit in initial contacting and planning. Know your length of time. 

5. Why are you coming here? Is it for international travel, or is it to witness and work with the mission of Inakay?

6. How are you going to raise funds? It is very important spiritually and financially to be supported for your journey.


Next, contact Inakay.

Some of the questions above are rhetorical, some we need to know right away. It is important for us to know what you are considering so that we may plan accordingly. In your initial e-mail, number 1, 2, and 4 are very important to address right away. The rest can be hashed out a little later. Your initial contact to Inakay should be at least three months before you wish to arrive. If you're ready to start communicating with the Center, you may do so by going to the                       page. 

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